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Canberra Liberals support light rail and want a light rail stop in Mitchell

PTCBR are pleased that the Canberra Liberals are now supporting light rail in Canberra. The benefits of light rail for residents and businesses along the light rail stage one corridor have been supported at two elections, and it is pleasing that business owners in Mitchell, and the Canberra Liberals, now support better public transport options.

Canberra companies building our light rail

Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris MLA recently advised the Assembly of the Canberra companies that are helping to build light rail stage one. She advised the Assembly that: 58% of the contracts for stage one have been let to Canberra owned companies. Of the 137 local contracts, they are shared between 114 local companies. That is a great result for a project where one of the objectives was to grow local expertise in building light rail.