MEDIA RELEASE: PTCBR welcomes emerging consensus on buses

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Green Bus Policy

The Public Transport Association of Canberra (PTCBR) has welcomed the ACT Greens’ bus policy for the 2024 ACT Election.

PTCBR Chair Ryan Hemsley said the ACT Greens’ policy represented a growing political consensus on the importance of providing high-quality bus services across Canberra.

“For many years, Canberrans have been asking for more frequent and reliable bus services to deliver a city-wide, integrated public transport network,” said Mr Hemsley.

“By announcing this policy, the ACT Greens have joined the Canberra Liberals in promising better public transport, no matter where you live in the nation’s capital.”

Mr Hemsley called on ACT Labor to match the ACT Greens’ commitment of running suburban buses every 20 minutes or better on weekdays, and 30 minutes or better on weekends.

“Canberrans want public transport that is reliable, frequent, and convenient. It’s time ACT Labor got on board with delivering more and better buses for Canberra.”

Ryan Hemsley is the chair of the Public Transport Association of Canberra, a public transport users group committed to improving public transport in the ACT and surrounding region.