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The Public Transport Association of Canberra Inc, or PTCBR is a public transport users group with members from all parts of the community. We are focused on improving access to public transport and making the passenger experience better

PTCBR’s origins lie in the ACT Light Rail Coalition, which had been promoting light rail in Canberra since the early 1990s. Following the 2016 ACT election, it was clear that light rail would play an important part in Canberra’s public transport system, and PTCBR formed to work for better public transport and a better Canberra. Since coming into existence in 2017, PTCBR has been the Canberra region’s voice for public transport.

PTCBR is an apolitical organisation, made up of members and volunteers who are committed to improving public transport. The contributions and support of our members is vital to our success as the public transport lobby group for the Canberra region.

By joining today, you can contribute to that success and ensure that public transport and active travel receive the attention they deserve in the ongoing debate about the future of Canberra.