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While PTCBR is interested in all things related to public transport, these are some of the issues we’re advocating for right now:

Extending light rail to Woden

This is the second stage of Canberra’s light rail network, extending from the current Alinga Street terminus to Woden Town Centre. It is being delivered in two stages:

  • Stage 2A, from Alinga Street to Commonwealth Park
  • Stage 2B from Commonwealth Park, over Commonwealth Bridge to Woden Town Centre.

PTCBR strongly supports the extension of the light rail network, but we are concerned about the slow progress of work. As of 2022, there are still no contracts or works approvals to begin construction for Stage 2A, and it is unclear when it will actually get built.

We are urging the ACT Government to keep focussed on delivering this city-defining project.

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Restoring the full timetable and weekend services

PTCBR has been calling on the government to restore the timetables they promised us when the new seven-day bus network began in 2019. Unfortunately, the timetable has been cut back twice now:

  • Most local weekend services only run every 2 hours, as Transport Canberra hasn’t been able to find enough weekend drivers.
  • On weekdays, there is a reduced COVID-19 timetable, with fewer peak and rapid services, as illnesses and staff shortages make it difficult to reliably deliver the full set of services..

Transport Canberra has told us that it’s aiming to restore services once it hires more drivers. It is also considering workplace reforms which would allow it to deploy more drivers to work weekends. But we’ve been waiting a while now, and we need to keep the pressure on the ACT Government to ensure we get the public transport timetable Canberra deserves.

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Bus network improvements

All-door boarding

PTCBR supports all-door boarding (allowing passengers to enter a bus from the front and back doors). It lets people get on and off more quickly, and speeds up journey times. Most importantly, it makes the front door available for those who can’t use the steps on the back door.

Transport Canberra introduced all-door during the 2010s, but during the COVID-19 pandemic passengers only entered through the back doors, as a safety measure for drivers. Today, it depends on the individual driver as to whether passengers can use the front doors. While the official policy is to ensure that passengers with disabilities can board from the front, it’s more uncertain in practice. A lot of passengers have unseen disabilities, which the bus driver might not realise. Also, buses go past the concrete pad at the bus stop, so passengers have to walk through mud or uneven ground to get to the front door.

PTCBR has written to the ACT Government about this on multiple occasions, and we will continue to campaign for the return of all-door boarding, in a way that’s safe for passengers and drivers alike.