The Public Transport Association of Canberra Inc, or PTCBR was established in December 2016 to continue the public transport and urban planning lobbying activities of the 1400 strong ACT Light Rail lobby group. The focus of that organisation changed after the definitive result of the October 2016 ACT Assembly election, where it was decided that Canberra would build light rail as its primary public transport technology for the future.

The only way that public transport can truly serve all of Canberra is by integrating and promoting all modes (light rail, buses, walking and cycling) of non-car transport. PTCBR has been established to continue that advocacy work.

PTCBR is an apolitical member driven organisation that holds regular public meetings. The contributions and support of our members is vital to our success as the peak public transport lobby group in the Canberra region. By joining today, you can contribute to that success and ensure that public transport and active travel receive the attention they deserve in the ongoing debate about the future of Canberra.

The PTCBR Committee

The initial committee of PTCBR consists of:

  • Chair – Damien Haas
  • Deputy Chair – Robert Knight
  • Secretary – Gregory Lloyd
  • Treasurer – (vacant)
  • Public Officer – Ian Ruecroft
  • Cyn Pyromali
  • Mark Loney
  • Jonathon Reynolds

Our ongoing lobbying and advocacy activities take the form of:

  • Meeting with politicians and ACT Government bureaucrats
  • Meeting with transport companies operating in Canberra
  • Holding public forums to discuss transport and planning issues
  • Attending public meetings organised by Government, industry and community groups to discuss transport and planning issues
  • Participating in ACT Government transport planning reference groups
  • Researching and preparing public submissions to ACT Government transport, planning and budgetary consultation processes
  • Contributing to public debate with articles in the Canberra Times and other publications
  • Ongoing member dialogue and discussion on the PTCBR Facebook group
  • Promoting the objectives of PTCBR

Objectives of the Public Transport Association of Canberra

There are three objectives of PTCBR, that form the basis of our advocacy and lobbying activities.

1 – Promote public transport in the Canberra region.

  • Promote the use of public transport in the Canberra region
  • Support the integration of transport and planning in the ACT government
  • Support the construction of light rail routes as identified in the 2016 Light Rail Network Plan
  • Support better public transport access in Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra, Googong, Yass, Murrumbateman and Goulburn – especially in relation to linkages with the ACT.

2 – Act as the peak body for public transport consultation in the ACT.

  • Contribute to policy discussion on public transport and planning in the Canberra region
  • Provide a forum for community consultation on public transport and planning in the Canberra region

3 – Further the integration of light rail, bus services and active
transport within the ACT.

  • Support improvements in integrated public transport in the Canberra region.
  • Support improvements of local bus services in the Canberra region
  • Support active transport at all levels of society from school children to adults

The PTCBR Constitution can be found here. It is based on the model rules supplied by the ACT Governments Office of Regulatory Services.

You can take part in this by becoming a financial member today. Click here to download the PTCBR membership form.