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Public Transport
in the Canberra Region
Through advocacy and lobbying activities


The Public Transport Association of Canberra, Inc (PTCBR) is a public transport users group with members from all sectors of the community.

We want to help more people use public transport, and improve the passenger experience.

We work with government, industry and the community to help make a better transport system for Canberra and the Canberra Region.

Objectives of the Public Transport Association of Canberra

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Promote public transport in the Canberra region.


Be Canberra’s voice for public transport issues.


Encourage an integrated transport network for light rail, bus and active transport.

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PTCBR is a membership driven organisation. The greater our numbers, the more influence we can have on transport and planning in Canberra, and the level of resources we can devote to advocacy will grow as we grow.




Student or concession card holder

The ACT Leg Assembly Committee for planning and transport matters is calling for the government to give more details on light rail and raising London Circuit. More to come, but here are the recommendations.

Thanks @AlexCrowe12 @canberratimes for chance to talk about using 🚲 as a tool to create a better quality of life for all people, regardless of ability. My teacher @teije123 & colleagues stressed we should build for the city we want, not the city we have.

There will be a lot of sound and fury on this topic, but it’s important to remember that 30 km/h speed limits on suburban streets save lives but don’t make any appreciable difference to journey times. Opponents just don’t like being told what to do.

#lightrail is an investment for #CBR future, and the financial arrangements for LRS1 are a successful model for future stages.
The many #publictransport & urban planning benefits that have occurred as a result of LRS1 are absolutely needed south #CBR

Federal Government funding for Light Rail Stage 2B: you’re hearing it more and more!

A great little piece from @The_RiotACT summing up last week’s passenger info outages. We’d been politely asking @Transport_CBR about it for days, but it wasn’t until we issued a media release that the problem got fixed.

As yet more public housing is blocked in Tribunal this week, it’s worth taking the time to go through one of these cases in detail…because the details are *wild*. The problem here isn’t the social housing – it’s our backwards planning rules. 🧵1/ @The_RiotACT

Another non-compliant DA has been called out in #ACAT. How are they getting this far, asks the Griffith Narrabundah Community Association

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