Light Rail Stage 2B EIS drafting: PTCBR’s feedback

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The Major Projects Canberra (MPC) light rail team recently conducted a major public consultation to collect feedback that will help shape the Environmental Impact Statement required for Stage 2B of the ACT’s light rail network. New renders and maps showed us what’s planned for the alignment from Commonwealth Park down to Woden Interchange, including station placement, potential station designs, and even a cut and cover section of track around State Circle.

While we understand planning is still underway and various aspects are subject to change, it was great to see the project coming to life: illustrations showed us light rail looking smart and attractive next to Parliament House, transforming harsh freeway environments, and integrating into the future transport interchange at Woden. These visuals reinforce the incredible power of this project to change Canberra for the better.

Public Transport Association of Canberra (PTCBR) members made the most of the consultation process by attending in-person info sessions held by MPC, utilising material on the YourSay website, participating in the Light Rail Stage 2B Community Reference Group, and attending the May PTCBR public meeting at which MPC presented and answered our many questions.

The PTCBR submission to this consultation process is below. We’re excited to see Light Rail Stage 2B progressing and appreciate the opportunity to offer feedback to help shape the draft EIS (and we look forward to reviewing that document in the near future). Some key points:

  • We encourage careful planning and (re)design of areas around stations to ensure safe and convenient access for passengers – for example, slip lanes close to stops ought to be closed and different road features implemented for pedestrian safety and convenience.
  • We suggest that it may be appropriate to move the station currently slated for Kent/Novar St to better serve the future population of North Curtin, and encourage all stakeholders to work on this planning process together to ensure the best possible outcome for current and future residents and visitors in this area.
  • We encourage an ongoing process of identifying and implementing better land use around stations – for example, big surface carparks next to inner city light rail stops don’t make sense and should be phased out.

Read and download our submission here and our media release here: