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What I talk about when I talk about ticketing

You may have seen PTCBR making noises recently about the ACT Government’s tender to replace the ticketing and public information systems. We’re not the only ones, and the ACT Opposition … Read more

Qcity Transit 7524 Mo February 2021 1

PTCBR in the news: Queanbeyan edition

Our last post got some attention from the RiotACT, and we were asked to expand on our views about public transport in Queanbeyan. There’s a feature article this weekend about … Read more

Qcity Transit 7524 Mo February 2021 1

Queanbeyan needs better public transport

This RiotAct article about parking woes in Queanbeyan reminds us that as our cities get denser, the only way we’re going to need ways of getting people around that don’t … Read more

PTCBR submission to the flexible transport review

PTCBR recently made a submission to the ACT Government’s review into flexible transport. This currently takes the form of community transport service for older Canberrans and people with disabilities who … Read more