Light Rail Stage 2A is great. Let’s make it better

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Light rail running through London Circuit to Commonwealth Park.

Our submission to the Light Rail Stage 2A planning approvals is in. If the submission had a 2 word limit, we’d say “Build It”. But these submissions are a good opportunity to influence the design of the project, to both mitigate the impacts of construction, and make sure it’s a great project for the future.

If you’re after the tl;dr, it’s below. Otherwise, give the submission a full read. We’ve got a good track record of planning authorities picking up on our comments, fingers crossed they listen again.

  • build it
  • design the pedestrian crossings, intersections and bus bays at Commonwealth Park to be ready for big events and the future development at Acton Waterfront
  • better bus priority to mitigate construction impacts. The Raising London Circuit project is increasing travel times by up to 10 minutes, with disastrous consequences for all bus routes, not just those going around the City. This can’t continue for another 3 years.
  • make it go faster. The projected travel time between Alinga St and Commonwealth Park is 6-9 minutes. Let’s aim for 6.
  • safe cycling infrastructure, including separated bike lanes all around London Circuit. We support what Pedal Power has to say about this.