PTCBR’s 2021-22 budget submission

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Each year, the ACT Government invites community groups and the wider public to make submissions on how funding should be allocated as part of the following year’s budget. Over the past few weeks, the PTCBR Committee have prepared our submission, which can be viewed in full below:

PTCBR recognises that the provision of high-quality public transport services is essential to ensuring equitable, affordable, and attractive transport options for all Canberrans. Good public transport increases ridership and reduces the use and ownership of private vehicles, with benefits flowing to individuals and households through reduced costs, the community through reduced pollution and congestion, and the government through reduced expenditure on public roads, including externalities such as emergency services and healthcare costs.

PTCBR’s submission has been considered in the context of these well recognised benefits, as well as the ACT Government’s recently adopted ACT Transport Recovery Plan, the Zero-Emission Transition Plan and the ACT Transport Strategy 2020. Our recommendations are consistent with the priorities outlined in these key documents and are outlined below.

PTCBR’s recommendations for ACT Government transport spending in the 2021-22 budget:

  • Construct additional bus lanes to improve the reliability and speed of bus services
  • Provide funding for the proposed northern bus depot to allow for the expansion of the bus fleet
  • Fast track the new ticketing system to provide passengers with a greater variety of means to purchase tickets
  • Provide existing bus stops with shelters, footpaths and lighting to improve passenger amenity
  • Undertake feasibility and consultation work for future light rail stages while construction of stage two is underway

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