Update on the Belconnen Transitway

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It’s official – today, with support from all three major parties (following one minor hiccup in September), the ACT Legislative Assembly passed an amended motion presented by Shadow Minister for Transport Mark Parton MLA, committing the ACT Government to the delivery of the missing link of the Belconnen Transitway project before the 2028 ACT election.

This is an excellent day for public transport investment in Canberra, and great news for users of Bruce Stadium, the North Canberra Hospital precinct, and the 30% of daily bus passengers who catch services that run through the Haydon Drive bottleneck.

When complete, this project will make a real difference to the speed and reliability of transport services along one of Canberra’s busiest bus corridors, and will lay some important groundwork for the future delivery of light rail stage three to Belconnen.

You can read the full, amended motion below:

UPDATE: The ACT Government has formally responded to the petition sponsored by Tara Cheyne MLA. This response reaffirms the government’s commitment to complete the missing sections of the Belconnen Transitway. It also suggests that a more substantial suite of bus priority measures than those recommended in the 2011 Options Report may be required for Haydon Drive.

You can read the full response below: