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Public Transport
in the Canberra Region
Through advocacy and lobbying activities


The Public Transport Association of Canberra, Inc (PTCBR) is a public transport users group with members from all sectors of the community.

We want to help more people use public transport, and improve the passenger experience.

We work with government, industry and the community to help make a better transport system for Canberra and the Canberra Region.

Objectives of the Public Transport Association of Canberra

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Promote public transport in the Canberra region.


Be Canberra’s voice for public transport issues.


Encourage an integrated transport network for light rail, bus and active transport.

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PTCBR is a membership driven organisation. The greater our numbers, the more influence we can have on transport and planning in Canberra, and the level of resources we can devote to advocacy will grow as we grow.




Student or concession card holder

To achieve anything, the light rail network plan needs 3 things:
– concrete actions so we can deliver LR on a rolling basis, and avoid delivery gaps
– sign on from NCA and other agencies
– an ambitious vision (with maps!) to inspire future pols

Hard to disagree with Bushnell on this point:

“We need to see progress in the glacial approvals process and contract negotiations, some evidence that the next stage of light rail is not stuck on the planning siding for an indefinite period.” @The_RiotACT

Is #lightrail still an election issue and a winner for #Labor? We may be about to find out, says Ian Bushnell

This is a common sentiment, and it’s good to see demand for improved PT. But by themselves, bus lanes wouldn’t really improve Canberra PT much, and their construction faces the same structural barriers as light rail.

Tom Swann @Tom_Swann

@PT_CBR @SamRoggeveen meanwhile, the bus lanes we could have tomorrow. you’re hearing it more and more

MEDIA RELEASE: Planning Bill still lacks focus on affordability

We’re calling on the Legislative Assembly to amend the new Planning Bill to address our housing crisis and make Canberra more affordable.

Read our media release:

#actpol #canberra

I’m just waiting for the smart cities IoT autonomous hydrogen trackless tram. It will be the crowning achievement, the beautiful moment of convergence of the mass-transit grifting narratives

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