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Our last post got some attention from the RiotACT, and we were asked to expand on our views about public transport in Queanbeyan. There’s a feature article this weekend about it, with some good quotes:

The ACT is serviced by Transport Canberra (previously ACTION), while over the border, it’s Q-City Transit. A local public transport advocacy group has called for the ACT and NSW governments to put their heads together to streamline the connection between the two.

The Public Transport Association of Canberra (PTCBR) said both governments need to work together to integrate services and fares.

“But there are also things the NSW Government could do now,” PTCBR chair Ryan Hemsley said.

“The NSW Government has a capable and responsive operator in Q City Transit, which can put on more services. All that’s needed is the political will.”

All aboard! Lobby group makes the case for better cross-border bus connections (James Coleman, The RiotACT)

These sorts of exercises are always useful, because (1) it promotes public transport and PTCBR and (2) it gives us another excuse to go back to the community to get more information about how things are on the ground. The PTCBR Committee is a relatively small group of people, and our advocacy is only as good as the information we have. The more people talk about and identify public transport issues, the better we can shape government views about them.