Bus Network

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Canberra’s bus network has evolved from a suburban bus service prior to Canberra’s massive growth in the 70’s, to a local bus service and a mass transit provider. It’s ability to provide both those important services began to decline in the early 1990s when cuts to public transport investment following self-government began to have an impact.

With the introduction of light rail services in 2019, over a million bus kilometres have been made available from buses that used perform the Civic-Gungahlin rapid bus service. This has enabled more frequent services to be provided across the rest of Canberra.

PTCBR believe that light rail and buses will be able to serve the future needs of Canberra by utilising the strongest features of each technology, doing what they do best. Light rail will provide the mass transit backbone, supported by more frequent local bus services.

Current bus routes and timetables can be found at Transport Canberra‘s website.

Historical bus information can be found at the ACTBus website.

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