Bus Network

Canberra’s bus network has historically provided both feeder and inter-town public transport services in the ACT. Following the advent of self-government in 1989, successive service cuts crippled patronage growth and public confidence in the system’s ability to deliver fast, frequent and reliable services.

PTCBR believes that an integrated light rail and bus network is best placed to serve the current and future transport needs of Canberra, with high-capacity light rail connecting Canberra’s town centres, supported by frequent feeder bus services.

When light rail was introduced in 2019, over one million bus kilometres were made available from buses that used perform the Civic-Gungahlin rapid bus service. As future stages of the light rail network are rolled out, more bus kilometres will be redirected towards providing frequent feeder services across the rest of Canberra.

Current bus routes and timetables can be found at the Transport Canberra website.

Historical bus information can be found at the ACTBus website.

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Canberra’s Rapid Bus and Light Rail Network (July 2020)