PTCBR advocacy win: we got stairs at the Woden CIT

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Keen followers of PTCBR may remember our submissions about the Woden CIT, where we were very concerned to ensure there was easy access between the northern end of the transport interchange and the plaza. A revised design removed a small stairway that was in the original plans and replaced it with hard landscaping barriers, making passengers walk a lot further to get to where they wanted to be. We also made noise about ensuring that public toilet facilities would be open while the interchange was operating.

In good news, the Planning Directorate agreed with our submissions! They made it a condition of the development approval that the original stairway be reinstated, and that there be easily accessible public toilet facilities open during public transport operating hours. The decision even appears to pick up on some of our comments about ensuring appropriate signs and wayfinding to connect to the light rail stop.

These may seem like small things, but they all make a difference to improving the passenger experience. The PTCBR Committee is a strong believer in the saying “decisions are made by those who show up”, and we’re very glad we showed up for this one. Don’t listen to those who say that governments don’t listen!