Light Rail Stage 2A – radio roundup!

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Commonwealth Park stop (with plenty of new pine trees)

With the release of the Works Approval application for Light Rail Stage 2A (City to Commonwealth Park), everyone’s talking about light rail again. There were a few good sessions on ABC Radio Canberra, which we’ve captured below.

National Capital Authority CEO Sally Barnes explained the consultation process, and what the NCA is separately doing with Commonwealth Avenue bridge.

Canberra Liberals MLA Jeremy Hanson spoke about their opposition to the expansion of light rail, and how 2A will be the last stage if they are elected to government. PTCBR’s views on this approach are pretty clear.

ABC Drive host Anna Vidot was a little taken aback that we’re only at the consultation stage for Stage 2A, and thought we’d be further along by now. Greater Canberra Convenor Howard Maclean talked about how consultation processes are so slow in Canberra, why we should be rolling out light rail faster, and how burying Parkes Way would be a great idea.

PTCBR will be closely reviewing the application, and making our submission about how the project can be the best it can be, before consultation closes on 11 May 2023. If there’s something that catches your eye about this project, let us know!